Providing "no cost" Football training to the youth of Loudoun County

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Hi Mark, 
This was our first year participating and I wanted to let you know that the LYFE camp was by far the BEST camp my son has ever attended.  He not only had fun meeting new people, but also found the training techniques to be very challenging which motivated him to do better day after day. 
As a parent, I thought that the motivational speakers were very inspirational and one of the best highlights of the camp.  I could see that a lot of planning went into creating such a successful event.  You can count on us attending the fundraiser.  Please pass along my thanks to all of the volunteers and your staff.  Job well done!
- Erica Schaeffer 

Hello Mark,
My son Walker participated in the LYFE camp for the first time this year. Our expectations were far exceeded. The daily speakers were spot on and inspirational. The work out routines have helped My son get back in "football shape" and raised his excitement level for the upcoming season. The LYFE camp was a higher quality camp compared to other league sanctioned camps.   
Thanks to you and all the other volunteers for a wonderful experience!  -Angel Farr

Thanks for providing a fantastic week! This was by far one of the most well organized and run camps my son ever attended. It is also the first camp that he and his friends said they will look forward to again next year. Great job everyone!  -Trish Baer

 We just wanted to send a message of thanks to you for holding such a great camp this week.  Our son, Ryan, learned a lot, had fun, and built up his endurance for the season.  We were both so impressed with the combination of skill and character development that you included in the camp.  My husband and I are both school teachers in the county, and we really wanted to send Ryan to the [other] camp this season, but honestly, it was just too expensive for us, so I was so grateful when I heard about your camp through a friend.    Thanks again for working so hard to make a difference in our community!    -Kristi and Peter Stewart

 You are so awesome!!  This camp has been such a wonderful experience for Michael.. he has loved it!!!  You are such a wonderful influence on these boys!!!  Thank you again for this week!!!  -Teresa H.  

 It was an awesome experience for AK and our whole family. Thank you for all of your commitment to these boys! This is exactly the type of character building we need for our sons. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - Kristi S.

  I could not be more impressed.  My son has thoroughly enjoyed all of it!  Thank you to you and each of your volunteers for your labor of love and the amazing gift of time that you have offered to our children. With utmost gratitude,  -Susie S.

( A handwritten note from a 12 year old athlete)..   
Dear Coach,   Thank you for extending an invitation for me to attend the LYFE Camp. This camp was fun because it was challenging! (Moreso than any other camp or league that I have participated in)  I hope you have room in the future and that I may attend again!  Respectfully Yours, -Andrew R.

 Few things “WOW” us in life but yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Loudoun Youth Football Experience camp at the request of the originator Mark Whitehurst.   Being a football coach at the high school level and youth level for the past twenty-five plus years I have seen my share of camps and clinics, however, what I saw on two enormous fields astounded and “wowed” me.  Young kids at all age levels, with seemingly dozens of coaches, actively engaged in football techniques and drills.  What was unique was the atmosphere, everywhere I looked all I saw was the brilliant smiles of what seemed like hundreds of kids.  They were not only learning…they were having FUN doing it, and that is remarkable.
First class, educational…and fun, even the parents were laughing and having a great time.  This is how youth football is supposed to be, hats off to the entire staff of Loudoun Youth Football Experience! “   
 Coach Rusty Markland
Woodgrove HS assistant varsity football
Head Coach GYFL Loudoun County Eagles Allstars