Providing "no cost" Football training to the youth of Loudoun County

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40010 Quarter Branch, Va
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The 2017 LYFE Football camp will be held at Bolen Park in Leesburg Va.  The camp date is July 31- Aug 4,  6-8 pm. The athletes will need to dress in cool athletic wear, with cleats or sneakers. We will provide water stations, but feel free to bring a non disposable water bottle with the athletes name on it.  The athletes will be broken out by age levels and put in to groupings. We will teach position specific skills, as well as speed, general football skills, and we will work heavily on conditioning. 
For most of our athletes, they will be preparing for a season of intense football action. The goal of this camp is to prepare them physically and mentally for the intensity that they will soon experience. Being a step ahead of the competition is where all great athletes strive to stay. This will teach the guys how to get there, and provide a healthy and fun way to do it!

Our trainers range from, Quarterback Coaches, to Kickers, Line Coaches, Linebacker Trainers, Receiver specialists, and World class Speed Trainers!  Each athlete  will have the opportunity to train with most of these specialists, depending on their skill set and their choice. We will work on contact setups, dummy tackling and blocking skills that will prepare and reinforce necessary fundamental football skills. There will be no actual tackling or blocking between athletes, and therefore no pads or helmet necessary.  These athletes will have the chance to learn or refine all skills before the first day of their league practices. Coaches notice players who are in shape, and know the basics of their sport, and we aim to put all of the athletes in that position.

We are scheduled to have an Athletic Trainer on site each day during our camp. Our trainers, coaches, and other volunteers consider the athletes safety as priority 1. With the heat and humidity of August, we will be following the guidelines set forth by the National Alliance for Youth Sports regarding heat, and severe weather etc.  Water breaks, shade, and rest will be necessary, as dictated by weather conditions.

As June and July go by.. Please consider some level of physical training for your athlete on a regular basis. Players that concentrate on healthy activity during these times will have a much better August and September than those who do not.  Madden 2017 should not be the only sport that is played during the summer. If your athlete stays in shape on his own, he will be a shining star at camp, and on his team.. Coaches love this!!